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Tom Scully, not the footballer unfortunately is a Marketing and Communication Design graduate with a passion for branding, photography, and publication design. Tom grew up taking photos and building brands from a young age, giving him experience working with real clients freelancing for them, making websites and banners for Small businesses and musicians.

​As a double degree student, Tom has completed a wide variety of subjects related to marketing and design, giving him a comprehensive understanding on brand development and marketing. The degree has further honed his craft allowing him to think outside the box by creating captivating designs that exceed a clients expectations.

Tom is most passionate about creating aesthetic designs which are user friendly and are easy to navigate, boosting conversions and the experience with the design for people who interact with it.


Tom is excited to gain further experience in the industry and find work to grow as a marketer and designer by working alongside like minded people. 


Winston was a branding project which entailed creating distinctive elements for a family-owned cafe in St Kilda. Using experience from previous branding work,  I used my knowledge to create 'Winston' and its branding identity to not only separate the business from competition but to make the experience for customers more slipstream and easy by using simple yet effective design language.

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